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new arrivals


 The  "XX" frames are finally in stock !! (august 18, 2023), they include several upgrades 

The XX  was made to suit a "go big" riding style.

Constructed from premium custom formed tubing that's beautifully T.I.G. welded. 

Built with short chainstays and light weight-over sized tube set, This frame comes together to form the holy grail of DJ rides, but only for those lucky enough to throw a leg over the top tube of one.

"We design and build the type of bikes and parts that we dream about riding ourselves" - Cachet Bicycles

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 Ka/ sh / A /

" The state of being respected or admired."


We are a group of riders that have loved bikes our whole lives and are creating our ultimate line up of frames and components that we ourselves want to ride and shred daily.

In the future we will be working with many of our pro riders to create their own unique model frames that will be available to the public.  The rider will choose their material, geometry and their own paint or finish of choice.  These frames will be exactly what the riders will be using.  No switching materials or skipping steps.  We feel that pro riders should ride what fits their skill and personality for their optimal performance, allowing the bike to become an extension of themselves.  Take one of our frames for a ride and you will immediately feel the difference in our designs and quality.

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